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Leadership Coaching

This Service is geared at emerging leaders and new leaders as part of their overall professional development and growth. While the coaching process is designed to be flexible, it will typically involve the following steps:

  • Initial Engagement: An introductory meeting is held with the leader. The objective of the session is to discuss their goals related to the coaching experience.  A preliminary set of goals are developed and agreement on the frequency and duration of the coaching sessions.


  • Assessment: The critical question in the assessment phase is: “What is creating discomfort in your role?”  What causes disorientation in your role (Adult Transformational Learning model)? A variety of data gathering tools can be deployed in this stage including, but not limited to, 360 reviews, VIA Survey, structured interviews with key stakeholders and a variety of self-assessments
    (DISC assessment).


  • Feedback:  Perhaps the most critical step in the process, the feedback offered by the coach to the leader has to be powerful enough to illicit a reaction and become the catalyst to refine the goals and objectives of the coaching experience.  Written feedback will be provided to the client.


  • Objective-setting: Using the feedback session data, specific objectives are defined along with an initial set of activities, outside of the coaching session, to support learning. This can include, but is not limited to, reading assignments, journaling, webinars, Ted Talks, etc.

  • Coaching:  Ongoing sessions will occur on both a scheduled and as-needed basis.  It is anticipated that 2-6 hours a month of one to one coaching will be provided over a
    9-month period.


  • Final meeting:  Wrap-up of the coaching relationship, reviews what has been learned, including changes in behaviors as a result of the experience.


  • Evaluation and follow-up:  The leader provides an evaluation of the service and a
    follow-up plan is developed in the event the leader needs additional support or assistance.  The follow-up can include, but is not limited to, monthly follow-up calls at a cost to be determined.

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